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James McAvoy did 'it' with Miss Piggy |ELLE UK


James McAvoy: Potty mouth

Who knew he was THIS filthy?

Reasons to love James McAvoy: Tremendous actor. Smart. Low-key. Generally a nice guy.

Also (and less well-known): Very good sport. Filthy sense of humour… 

Exhibit A, our film below. But first, a little background (paraphrased email thread).

ELLE: Dear James McAvoy, will you let us film you taking the p**s out of Miss Piggy?

JM: Sure. What do you want me to do?

ELLE: Cool. Anything.

JM: Give me some ideas.

ELLE: OK, how about you pretend to like her but get caught on camera saying you don’t. Or act like you really fancy her or something?


He did both. Option one made it into the final cut of the film. Option two was so disgusting we spat our tea onto the keyboard then named him Actor We Would Most Like To Play Drinking Games With. Plus - kudos for how he wields that salami.

Transcript: “Um, so she looked at me over her shoulder. And she said, ‘F**k me like a pig’. [chews salami]. I’m a married man. But… [waves salami] that piece of bacon got fried. Know what I mean?”

You’re welcome!

Be sure to watch the actual video -

James is “filthy” and hilarious, as always!

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