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ok but I just really love the names they give them

"The Ridiculous Potato"

"The Unfortunate Clementine"

I’m giggling it’s like a team of ragtag misfit superheroes

I love the sometimes absolutely ugly but completely tasty produce that comes out of my garden.

this is great! food waste is a big issue, and seem ridiculous considering how many people are starving/unable to afford produce, while those marketing are tossing so much away

also if you want to take the message another way, it’s a reminder that not fitting into societal beauty expectations, does not diminish your quality  


I was looking at this picture and I started wondering. Where did he get tea and a tea cup? Does he just carry it around just in case a source of tea becomes available like Joey Tribbiani carries around a fork or did he already have tea In his pocket and someone provided a cup? Do his friends just carry around extra tea incase he passes out from low tea levels? Or Does he have a tea guy who follows him around with tea ready? Is Luke Windsor the tea guy? What happens if he doesn’t drink tea? Does he dry up like sponge bob at sandy’s? Does he lose all essential British super powers like his silky smooth accent or ability to recite Shakespeare on cue or is the ability to produce tea on of the British powers? If so where does the tea come from? Is it horrifying like the monster is the waters of mars doctor who episode? Or does he turn water into tea like British Jesus? I need to know

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